Computer Performance and Speed Improvement

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Computer Performance and Speed Improvement

It is no secret that computer hardware gets better every year, which generally leads to people upgrading their computer and phones quite frequently. As hardware improves, so does the software that is designed around it, along with our expectations on what a normal computer should “feel” like.

When you power it on and notice that it is more sluggish than usual, you get frustrated, impatient, and rightfully angry at your computer. Fortunately, there are many reasons why a PCs performance degrades over time, and many of those reasons do not require you to go out and purchase a new computer.

Think of your PC like a car – each year, or every 10,000 kms you need to take it in to get a servicing; this helps increase the longevity of the vehicle and make it feel fresh again. Your computer is no different – it requires PC servicing and maintenance to improve its overall performance. By applying certain techniques, you can extend the life of your computer while maintaining your sanity along with it.

  • Give it a rest – turn it off at least once a week
  • Check and disable unnecessary start-up programs
  • Inspect and uninstall any bloatware
  • Modify your appearance settings
  • If you do not need it, turn off indexing
  • Perform a disk clean-up
  • Check for virus’ or malicious software
  • Tweak your power settings
  • Been a few years? Backup your files and reinstall the operating system
  • Not a system issue? Swap out your mechanical hard drive with a solid-state drive (SSD or M.2)
  • Upgrade more system memory (RAM)

By looking into the above areas, you can avoid a call out to our team altogether, but if these all sound too technical for you, then simply give our friendly helpdesk a call and we can help assist you further.

A word of warning, if you find any tools that advertise themselves as “doctor speed” or “doctor tune up”, avoid these applications at all costs! They are often designed to exploit your PC and make them even slower – boo!

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Give our friendly helpdesk a call today!

Give our friendly helpdesk a call today!

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